Kids’ orthodontics

Pediatric orthodontists in Waco

When should I take my child to a pediatric orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get an initial evaluation from an orthodontist for kids by age seven or at the first sign of orthodontic issues.

At Bear Braces, our family orthodontists in Waco, Texas, Dr. Machicek and Dr. Segall, offer free consultations for all new patients. Don’t wait – schedule a free consultation with our kids’ orthodontists near you today!

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Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

During your free initial consultation, we will evaluate your child’s smile to determine if they could benefit from kids’ braces in Waco. While most children won’t need early orthodontic treatment, an initial checkup by age seven ensures your child’s smile grows with them properly and sets them up for a bright future.

Our Waco kids’ orthodontists can identify any early orthodontic issues, allowing time for more treatment options that can prevent more serious – and potentially more expensive – problems later. Your child may immediately need braces or not need them at all, or we may suggest waiting until all their adult teeth come in. Our pediatric orthodontists take a personalized approach to evaluating each patient to ensure the best possible results.

For each patient who needs orthodontic treatment, there is an ideal time to begin to achieve the best results. During the free consultation, your kids’ orthodontist in Waco can discover the best time to begin treatment for your child.

Signs your child may need braces:

Without an evaluation from a children’s orthodontist, it can be difficult for parents to tell if their children may need braces. If your child experiences any of the following, they may benefit from early orthodontic treatment:

  • Early teeth crowding

  • Crooked or rotated teeth

  • Gaps between permanent teeth

  • Impacted or missing permanent teeth

  • Difficulty chewing, talking or breathing

  • Speech impediments

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Our Waco kids’ braces

Our traditional metal braces for kids are customizable with different colored elastics. Children love to show off their style by customizing their braces colors when their Waco kids’ orthodontist switches out the elastics at each appointment, personalizing their look to fit their mood, favorite color or sports team.

Benefits of braces for kids:

  • Improve your child’s smile and boost their confidence
  • Improve dental health and hygiene
  • Prevent tooth decay or gum disease later in life

How much do braces cost for kids?

At Bear Braces, we pride ourselves on offering affordable kids’ braces in Waco. The cost of braces for kids in Waco, Texas, is $3298. We offer low down payments and in-house financing with interest-free, customizable monthly payments. We also accept most dental insurance. The $3298 orthodontic treatment fee includes all appointments, comfort visits, retainers, and follow-up orthodontic care after their braces come off!

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As some of the best pediatric orthodontists near you in Waco, Dr. Machicek and Dr. Segall are committed to the highest quality of orthodontic care at the best price.

With state-of-the-art technology and a family-friendly atmosphere, Bear Braces is your destination for family orthodontics in Waco, Texas. Help your child get on the road to a perfect smile that will last a lifetime – schedule a free consultation today!